FeoFlip - is a painter, illustrator, mural and plastic artist from the Canary Islands (Lanzarote and Tenerife).

FeoFlip’s work combines elements from nature, robotics, history, symbology and recycling with an acidic & bittersweet flavor, seeking a balance between message and aesthetics. 

His path and relationship with graffiti began in the late 90s; first, wandering among chalk, markers, and aerosols and over time leaves aside the traditional graffiti of letters to focus on expressing his concerns and visions of the world through murals.

He studied illustration at the Fernando Estévez art school in Santa Cruz and later graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Alongside his studies, he develops his work clandestinely intervening in electrical boxes, painting walls of abandoned houses & social centers. He also did serigraphy workshops, t-shirt design, exhibitions in cafeterias, self-published fanzines, installations and street performances.

His artworks can be seen in Spain, ​​Greece, Belgium, Germany, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and in various cities such as Bristol or Lisbon.

In addition, he teaches workshops in educational centers, experiments with comics, is an amateur music selector, develops his own TEASHIRT brand of t-shirts and since 2017 organizes the urban art event "Calle Malpei" in Tenerife.



Photo: Mihaela Draganova, project SEASONS

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