Ioan Tsenkov – JahOne is a muralist, graphic designer and creative director. 
He graduated from the National Academy of Arts in 2013, majoring in Graphic Design and Advertising. He has experience in advertising design for various commercial brands, but his true
passion and power of self-expression is mural art. In 2010, the wall became his canvas and since then he works in many Bulgarian cities, and his murals can now be seen in
Spain, Italy, Germany, the USA, Republic of North Macedonia, Albania, Brazil, Colombia.
JahOne is a co-founder of Visionary and creative director of the organization (2017).
"I endeavor to enrich my creative characteristic style, as my intention is to systematically develop it in the direction of mixing realism and fantasy - mainly characters of people, animals and magical creatures by knitting up images and symbols of the Bulgarian culture. I love to express my ideas in a saturated and contrasting shades of complimentary colors, looking for their harmonious blending. "
Photo: Miheala Draganova, part of project Graff Express 2020
Graff Express 2020 | Creative: Rashko Rakov; Edit: ge6expir; Sound design: Daniel Ivanov
"Part of you is a new life for another" mural | Video: Biser Jonev