He lives and works in Sofia as a contemporary graffiti artist and muralist.
Since 2010, he has been actively using the spray as a media for self-expression, and the wall has turned into a his favourite canvas. In 2013 he graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bachelor of Graphic Design and Advertising. This gives him good knowledge and the basis for developing his visions beforehand digitally and the freedom to compare different variations before their actual physical creation.
"I endeavor to enrich my creative characteristic style, as my intention is to systematically develop it in the direction of mixing realism and fantasy - mainly characters of people, animals and magical creatures by knitting up images and symbols of the Bulgarian culture. I love to express my ideas in a saturated and contrasting shades of complimentary colors, looking for their harmonious blending. "
Photo: Miheala Draganova, part of project Graff Express 2020
Graff Express 2020 | Creative: Rashko Rakov; Edit: ge6expir; Sound design: Daniel Ivanov
"Part of you is a new life for another" mural | Video: Biser Jonev