Sé Cordeiro

Sé Cordeiro is a mural artist and art educator at Cuás – an art center in Cunha, São Paulo, Brazil.

Cordeiro`s murals and paintings could be seen all around the world in countries such as Colombia, Perú, Argentina, France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Ireland. The artist's work is predominantly marked by female figures and their voluminous hair, always with an air of security and lightness.

For almost 6 years the artist has been living in the small town of Cunha in the countryside of São Paulo, a scenario that began to directly influence his work, increasingly related to nature, simple country life, popular culture, and the reflections that the urban exodus brings us. Together with other artists, he co-founded the art center Cuás where residency programs for visual artists are organized as well as different art activities for children and adults.


Photo: Mihaela Draganova

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