The artist duo VIDEO.SCKRE combines a fictional idea of fauna and flora on large-format murals and canvases.

The base of VIDEO (Julia) `s work is the fast and intuitive sketch. She focuses on the characters of animals in motion and transition, while SCKRE (Frederic) connects them with his ornamental, abstract landscapes, shapes, and forms. He combines impulses from two worlds - classic style writing on the one hand and his work as a stage painter on the other. Together both artists often experiment with different formats, materials, and techniques. The unifying element of their own artistic work is a fictional idea of nature.

SCKRE – Frederic Sontag born in 1988 in Ludwigsburg, Germany – studied scenic painting and is currently working at the Kammerspiele Theater in Munich.

VIDEO – Julia Heinisch born in 1990 in Linz, Austria – studied Art History and Philosophy at the University of Vienna, as well as sculpture at the Art University of Linz.

Together they have owned a studio in Linz (Austria) since 2018 and have realized national and international mural and art projects.


Photo Mihaela Draganova

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