Yannick Martin

Trained as an architect, then successively Filmmaker and Graphic Designer, Yannick is now a Street and Visual Artist.

He works actively both in the studio and in an urban environment, while his art is based on the exploration of structural potentialities that combine signs, symbols, minimal arrangements and abstract configurations.

The resulting compositions take on the appearance of enigmatic and playful alphabets.

The assemblages that he creates sometimes resort to the drawing of grids that allow for the exploration of infinite variation of signs or structures. When these grids are abandoned, the lines and arrangements produced are then freely articulated in space in order to find their own adjustment and abstraction.

An invitation is made to decipher or simply interpret the hieroglyphic and imaginary structures produced.

Through these compositions with a refined, mysterious and pictographic language, Yannick proposes to revive a primary vocabulary made of inscriptions, marks, symbols, and initiates an interaction with multiple interpretations.


Photo: Mihaela Draganova, part of SIGNS OFFF exhibition

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