Augustina-Kalina Petkova

She is one of the few people in Bulgaria who do what they love. Yes, it is definitely a luxury, and Augustina-Kalina Petkova owns it.
She graduates "Acting for Dramatic Theater" at the Theater Academy. She plays in the performances "The King Deer" at "Azaryan" Theater, "The love is not a joke" at the Drama Theater - Pazardzhik, "Arab Night" and "Actors VS Poets" at Sfumato Theatre. She also does dubbing of movies and animations for the cinema and television. Part of the "Cloned" - а theatrical group for improvisation theater of "Ha-Ha-Ha" ImPRO Theater. Another role she gets in her live is teaching of children at the "Play" theater studio.
Augustina-Kalina is an independent artist who is lucky to work in a strong team of people just like her. For Augustina-Kalina, the beginning of her mission forms together with the play "The King Deer", which scenario she identifies with the fate of the theatrical group she is part of.

They love each other, although sometimes they hate or are tired of each other. All belongings they bring on their backs as they are not very rich, but it does not matter. After all, they cannot live without one another. That's the magic.

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