Graff Express 2020 • Closing Event


On October 22, GRAFF EXPRESS 2020 returned full steam ahead for the last event this year.

In we presented a photo book with original photos of Mihaela Draganova of mural art works and artists, as well as the premiere of the final video of the project.

 18:30 - we started with a TOUR in the subway of Central Bus Station, led by the co-founder of Visionary - Deedee Angelova.
 19:30 - in Cush.BAR | Home of the cinema, we projected all the videos from the project and showed for the first time the photo book of the project.

GRAFF EXPRESS arrived at Central Station this August to saturate the urban space with color and messages.

The first edition of the graffiti art festival GRAFF EXPRESS creatively transformed nearly 300 square meters of the subway connecting the bus station and the subway. Eight professional graffiti artists from Bulgaria worked on a joint project, transforming their ideas into a common conceptual work, reflecting the specifics of the place: Sofia Central Station as a crossroads of people and destinies and Sofia as a hospitable multicultural city with millennial history, home and tourist destination.

This is the Gate to Sofia and the face seen by tourists, guests and residents of our city, arriving in the capital or just chasing the subway. With the support of the Municipality, GRAFF EXPRESS swept away the gray feeling, because modern murals have the super power to transform urban spaces, giving them new life with beauty and meaning.


The photo book was printed with the kind assistance of Bulged LTD.
The Street Art Festival Graff Express was implemented with the financial support of Sofia Municipality, Program "Europe 2020" from the Visionary Foundation in partnership with Sofia Municipality - Serdika District.

Visual identity, design and curator of the project:
Nikolai Petrov - GLOW

With the assistance of:
Decorator and Megachim
RUSH streetlife store

Media partners:
Faces of the city | Sofia Live | Frog News