To Me, To You documentary by Martin Grahovksi

We have always marvelled at the saying "to step into someone else's shoes". Sounds like an easy task in practice, but getting into the meaning and the fact that "you will have to wear those shoes and walk and run in them" , now comes the hard part. And what happens when you have to get inside someone's head and live with their thoughts, their torments, their expectations, their fears?

Martin Grahovski has an answer and is ready to show it to you with his documentary about the immersive exhibition-installation "To Me, To You".

A film in which you will have the opportunity to get into the joys and pains that Mihaela and Borislava went through to reach the realization of their solo exhibition. Martin fearlessly entered their home, their studio, their residence, their minds and souls to tell through his camera what it means to fight for an idea, to turn it into a mission, to bring it to the very end and even to take other people with you.


The project is part of the art program of Visionary for 2022 and is realized with the financial support of the National Fund "Culture" - program "One-year grant" - 2021, "Program for the restoration and development of private cultural organizations" - 2021, and the financial support of the Cultural program of Sofia Municipality. Partners of the project are MP Studio; Vox Music; Unicef Bulgaria; SuperhostingBG; Sofia Mobility Center; iPrint.

Photos: Mihaela Draganova, Lubo Bachev