Seven days à BOV - solo show by Steffen Mischke

The abstract German artist Steffen Mischke is the second guest to arrive in Bulgaria to participate at KOREN Art Residency. The artist spent a week in the picturesque village of Bov, located in the West of the Balkan Mountains. 


Opening: 15.06.2023, 7:00 p.m

Where: Depoo Gallery, 12 Vrabcha Street, Sofia

On display: 15-22.06.2023


A good artist has less time than ideas“ . Martin Kippenberger (*1953 Dortmund/Germany) once said.

Well at Koren Residency I don’t have much time, but I once said:

If I ever run out of ideas I still could paint.“ - shared Steffen Mischke for his process at art residency.


Read more about the project in Visionary Talks.

More info about the event here.



KOREN is a collaboration between Visionary x Atanas Levakov x Magdalena Dudova.

Curator: Atanas Levakov
Producer: Visionary

In 2023, the KOREN residency takes place in village Bov and is organized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria, Program for the Restoration and Development of Private Cultural Organizations, and The Singer-Zahariev Foundation and in partnership with SuperHosting.BG.

Steffen Miscke | Seven days à BOV - Video by Nikola Bagarov