Street art for home 2023

Street Art for Home is back again and READY for an international tour in three cities combining the art production from 2021 & 2023 in a collective exhibition!


Sept 28th - Sito Studio | Sofia, Bulgaria

Oct 5th - Alma da rua | São Paulo, Brazil

Nov 3rd - Cloud | Bogotá, Colombia


In 2023, Street Art for Home, is at the doorstep of its 2nd edition. In a smooth collaboration the partnering organizations Sito Studio & Visionary are taking a big step forward to bring the project abroad. This time 8 local and international mural & street artists are joining their creative forces in a collective exhibition with unique and limited editions of sito & riso prints.

By initiative of Sito studio, on one hand, the project strives to build a stronger interest in collecting art among the community, and on the other hand, to create opportunities for more artists to dive deeper into the digital screen & silk printing technology while provide them with knowledge of the process, so they can easily create limited edition series of artworks in future.

All of the invited artists in Street art for home 2023 worked together with Visionary in the public space of Sofia in the creation of mural projects. Many of those art pieces are inspiration for the printed artwork produced for the collective exhibition. This will mean for real that you can take a piece of street art home ;)


Second edition - Introducing:

Acidum project (BR), JahOne (BG), Santa Gross (CO), Sé Cordeiro (BR),  Sve Yankov (BG), Video.SCKRE (AT/ DE), Wedo (ES), Yeto (BG).

First edition (*/ **) - featuring:

Aleksi Ivanov (BG), Bilos (GR/BG), Gana (BG), GLOW (BG), Jermain (BG), KOTK (BG), MOUSE (BG), The Felon (BG)

*Artworks from the 2021 edition will also be on display together with the art pieces from the new edition.

** A dear partner of the project in 2021 was NoPoint Atelier where part of the silk printing workshops were held and part of the production created during a 3-day residency.


Sofia, Bulgaria
Opening: 28.09.2023, 19:00
Where: Sito Studio, "Tsar Simeon" St 66, 1000 Sofia Center

São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Opening: 5.10.2023, 19:00
Where: Alma da rua, R. Gonçalo Afonso, 96 - Jardim das Bandeiras

Bogotá, Colombia
Opening: 3.11.2023, 19:00
Where: Cloud House, Cra. 22 #75-18


 All works are hand-pulled by the artists. All of the participants had the opportunity to explore the digital screen & silk printing technology in a series of workshops, while they applied in practice their knowledge and skill in creating unique prints in a limited edition. 

Street Art for Home aims to deepen the knowledge and skills in serigraphy of street art & graffiti artists through their participation in creative workshops in the screen printing studio Sito Studio (Sofia, Bulgaria).  


Key visual: Sito Studio

Street art for home 2023 by Sito Studio (BG) is organized in partnership with Visionary (BG) and it is organized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria.
International collaborators: Sé Cordeiro (BR), Cuas (BR), Alma da rua (BR), Santa Gross (CO), Traque (CO), and Cloud (CO).

Street art for home 2023 | international tour is a part of project Symbiosis - a series of cultural exchange activities initiated and organized by Visionary (BG), Sé Cordeiro (BR), Cuas (BR), Santa Gross (CO), and Traque (CO).