Video presentation of Living wall project


LIVING WALL is a project involving a mural art painting in the public space that will literally came to live in front of the viewers' eyes on April 25th 2019 with a multi-artists performance complementary to the art concept.

The art collective of Tse, JahOne, Darba &, inspired by the poem of Hristo Smirnenski "Towards the Heights"  filled the heart of the Plovdiv neighborhood Smirnenski with color, light and beauty, sharing a common canvas.

We have decided to share this emotion to Sofia people and present the premier of the video in Kino Cabana on June 27th 2019. In addition, we invited the artists from Clavexperience for live music performance as it fits so well the atmosphere of the project itself. 

1st camera & edit: Konte Una
2nd camera: Rashko Rakov

Sound design: Psystein 
Voice: Pavel Terziyski
Track 01: Stargazer by Bird of Prey
Track 02: Pora Sotunda by The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices
Track 03: Koto by CloZee
Track 04: Song of the Stars (remastered) by Dead Can Dance
Inspired by Hristo Smirnenski poetry „Towards the Heights“


Photos by Petar Hadjikolev

The event was supported by Sofia Municipality and Kino Cabana - host of the event.
Project is part of Plovdiv - European capital of Culture 2019.​




1st camera and edit: Konte Una, 2nd camera: Rashko Rakov