What the heck? - solo show by Yannick Martin


"What the heck?" is a continuation of Yannick Martin's creative residency, held in the summer of 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria at the invitation of Visionary that led to the production of the solo show SIGNS OFFF, street art interventions TRAM and CHAIR variations. The new exhibition invites to rediscover the artworks created in Bulgaria and presents the latest enigmatic and graphic productions conceived by the artist in front of French audience.

Opening: July 13, 2023
Exhibition period: July 13-29, 2023
Urban Gallery, 9 rue Mazenod, Marseille, France


"What the heck?" is a mockery of the sometimes very serious exhibition names. This title aims to desacralize art (as the artist's works tend to do) while highlighting what is intriguing about Yannick Martin's (allias WHA-T) artwork.

This exhibition is an invitation to question our understanding of symbols and signs. It offers a mysterious and playful interaction.

The Visionary team - creative director Ioan Tsenkov and producer Delyana Angelova - travelled to Marseille, France in order to transport some of the artworks in the exhibition, which were created in 2022 in Bulgaria. The two sculptures "Sun through the Gate" and "Man with no Time" together with the series of serigraphs travelled from Sofia to Marseille in order to be presented to the French audience and are a special part of the event.


The partner of the project is Urban Gallery - Marseille.
Photos: Courtesy of Visionary & Yannick Martin.