The idea of creating Visionary was born in 2015, but gaining crucial knowledge, conceptual projects and contacts were needed to catalyze the founding in early 2017. The synergy between both co-founders – Delyana and Yoan, and their complex experience in cultural management and mural art is the force that stays behind Visionary. Those skills are crucial to them to engage in the difficult task of enriching not only the urban environment but also contributing to the development of contemporary art in public spaces.

With each successive project, the team is enlarged with talented visionaries who are professionals in their field and contribute to the creation of high cultural content with their dedication. In addition to loving what they do, their passion in one way or another is street art, and their souls vibrate at the frequency of urban culture.



Yoan Tzenkov

Co-founder / Creative

Delyana Angelova

Co-founder / Opportunity creator

Mihaela Draganova


Léa Sanchez-Battestini

Project coordinator

Liliya Varadinova

Content creator



Visionary welcomes dynamic and fresh minds to share our values and to recognize our goals and mission for more colorful and beautiful cities.

If you think you are a visionary who wants to get in touch first-person to the creative process from the moment the idea is born, through its realization to the popularizing to a wide audience - leave us a message with some information about yourself and we'll get back to you.