Our perception of the word partnership is equal to friendship. Just like friends, the partners stand side by side and create together new things that could not otherwise be achieved separately. That is why in our work we strive to be as open and flexible as possible, and always ready to build mutual ideas.

As a young organization, we are looking for ways to build strong relationships with the right partners, so that the support they give us is in the context of their business and the brand positioning looks natural.

Although many businesses support cultural organizations simply as a tool to showcase their corporate social responsibility, it is much more important for us to find companies that recognize our goals and want to stand behind modern art in urban environments.

If you see potential in our ideas and you are ready to be involved as an accomplice in our mission of distributing high-quality cultural content to the widest possible audience, we remain available for talks and complementary meetings. Please, feel free to take the first step and drop us a short email with your vision.



Being a nonprofit organization creating projects for the people, we are always happy to see support from the community itself. In our first project, this was in the form of a box full of provisions left at the location where we worked. It also happened to be a treat for the team that worked on the spot. If you appreciate our efforts and like the change we bring around you, you can also support us. In return we will send you a gift - a post card, a cup mat or stickers. It is enough to leave your contact in the reason for payment (for example: A Donation - {your phone / postal address}).


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We show heartfelt thanks to those who have so far shown their attitude to our work and have supported us.



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