Georgi Marinov - Horhe

Have you ever heard of the world's oldest woodwind instrument - a didgeridoo? Georgi "Horhe" Marinov has not only heard but can play it to perfection. These skills are gained through many years of professional experience, taking part in various bands and formations such as "Oratnitsa" sextette, "Drums and Pipes" and the "Groovin` Pipers" musical project.
Horhe has a Bachelor in Graphics at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. But the love of music is the reason his main occupation changes. Somewhere along the sea shore in 2009 "was born" "Oratnitsa". Featuring the fiery name of a fire-purifying ritual, the band begins to experiment by mixing Bulgarian folklore songs with modern styles. Their sound is distinctive and so contagious that the band is rapidly gaining popularity and a wide range of fans in Bulgaria and later in Europe and the United States. The direct responsible for the didgeridoo and the bagpipe, which are characteristic elements of the unique "ethnobas" of Oratnitsa, is Horhe himself.
In 2011, George joined in another music project and became part of the newly-formed band "Drums and Pipes". Traditional Rhodope sound is at the heart of their music, but is intertwined with the heavy accompaniment of Horhe's Australian didgeridoo.
His desire to be musically perfected and to experiment with new styles leads him to his next project, "The Groovin 'Pipers". It was launched in 2017 and has already earned followers who are growning steadily with each concert.
You can certainly expect Horhe's name to be connected to many more interesting projects and events in the future, continuing to interpret Bulgarian folk music in a way that can even "hang" people from the younger generations.
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