Kalina Georgieva

Kalina is a dancer.
In а deeper passion - contemporary dance. Sensed as an emotion, honesty, play, and physics of course... 

Classical ballet becomes part of her life when she is 4 years old and this predetermines her intention to dance.
Even before completing the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, she immersed herself in the contemporary dance and practiced along with her sister Stefaniya.

“She revealed to me a different understanding of dance and saw the imagination within me.”

Sensitive and gentle, Kalina turns her dancing tale into a daily adventure, traveling not only in Bulgaria but also abroad, creating dance projects and performances along with Atom Theater. For her, this is a major part of her life, and participation in projects such as Next Stop: "ART", is pleasing to her with new challenges.


Photo: Mihaela Draganova, part of Next Stop: ART project

Next Stop: ART | DoP: Rashko Rakov
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