Mission - Vision - Goal

Visionary is a producer of meaningful visual art projects in the urban space.

Our main mission is to present contemporary visual artists through city art interventions, exhibitions, artists’ talks, collaborations, performances, videos, and more. Close to artists directly related to the street and mural art scene, the organization is an experienced mediator between artists and audiences, curating the works and presenting them in an accessible way.

Visionary`s team strives on the one hand to provide professional logistical, administrative, organizational, and communication support for independent visual artists, and on the other - to create high-quality cultural content with open access.

The desired result is building a better sense of the aesthetic appearance of street art among the mass audience and forwarding its attention to it; as well as uplifting visual artists to develop in new directions and promote their artwork in various ways.

Following our vision to expand the possible genres of production and deepen its expertise in street art, the Visionary`s annual goals for 2023 contain three main focuses:

1- exchange and collaboration with cultural managers, organizations, institutes, and artists from all over the world in order to strengthen the connections between artists from different countries;

2- audience development;

3- residency program - hosting foreign artists in Bulgaria to produce art inspired by Bulgarian nature, culture, and folklore; including 1-week exhibition of the art production.


Objectives of the long-term art program:

1. Expand and develop the creative potential of Bulgarian artists.

2. Exchange - of creative ideas and practices, as well as of organizational experience and successful models.

3. Active interaction with foreign artists and organizations and their presentation to the Bulgarian audience and art scene.

4. Development of multidisciplinary relationships between artists for the purpose of experimentation and collaboration.

5. Year-round engagement of audiences and systematic enrichment with content and acquaintance with new artists, cultural figures and operators.

6. Expanding the administrative and creative capacity of the organization and retaining gravitating professional staff sustainably in the development and activities of the Foundation.

7. Creating and implementing a communication and digital strategy in response to the increased demand for content and better adaptation of the Foundation to the digital environment in the winter months, when projects in urban environments are not implemented in practice.


Cover photo: Mihaela Draganova