Mission - Vision - Goal

VISIONARY is a producer of meaningful visual projects, often in the public space in Bulgaria.

For VISIONARY developing the public visual art goes hand in hand with opening space for artists to freely create and communicate socially important topics through their art ideas and concepts. The organization is experienced mediator on one side between artists and audience, and antoher - artists and businesses, administration, cultural institutes, or other funding institutions and grant mechanism.

The desired result is more creation of open art as well as growing an understanding for the aesthetic vision of the mural art, the need of its existing and its place in the city landscape. 

Our team's aspiration is, on the one hand, to provide funding, professional strategic, logistical, administrative and organizational support for independent artists, and on the other hand, to create high-end cultural content with free access and build a solid base for the development and promotion of street art culture.


Objectives of the long-term art program:

1. Expand and develop the creative potential of Bulgarian artists.

2. Exchange - of creative ideas and practices, as well as of organizational experience and successful models.

3. Active interaction with foreign artists and organizations and their presentation to the Bulgarian audience and art scene.

4. Development of multidisciplinary relationships between artists for the purpose of experimentation and collaboration.

5. Year-round engagement of audiences and systematic enrichment with content and acquaintance with new artists, cultural figures and operators.


Cover photo: Mihaela Draganova