Mission - Vision - Goal

The establishment of VISIONARY stems from the desire for a sustainable network of organizations to develop street art and graffiti culture in Bulgaria. Therefore, through intensive collaboration with visual artists and other organizations, the Foundation`s team strives for the successful promotion of modern mural art and the dignified positioning of artists both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Driving mission of VISIONARY is to create valuable projects in urban space that will challenge the artists and also raise the bar so that more bold ideas find their place in public areas. Presenting contemporary conceptual artists that work in city environment is the main focus of the organization.

We believe that many artists shall have the opportunity to develop author`s pieces as urban art interventions and the wanted result is to bring out a sense of the aesthetic appearance of conceptual street art, the need of it and its place in the city.

Our main goal is more and more Bulgarian cities to turn into open galleries and at the same time to create a good basis for development and promotion of contemporary visual culture.