The project GRAFFOPOST gives the opportunity to visual artists and contemporary muralists to show their vision of changing a space through a conceptual art project, fully consistent with the urban environment. The project covers the painting of substations in central urban areas and large districts of Sofia. That is why the name speaks for itself, representing in one word the collaboration of graphics, graffiti and substation.

With the seven realized editions of GRAFFOPOST together with our partners:

  • we successfully ennobled 7 central Sofia districts through direct artistic intervention close to the people - a total of 600 square meters;
  • we have contributed to the development of art in the urban environment at the local level;
  • we assisted 8 independent artists in performing on their own;
  • we drew the audience's attention to contemporary mural art and its affiliation in the city, which expanded the traditional audience and helped to enrich it culturally by communicating the author's concept in informal conversations with artists.


Artists invited in 2017

Graffopost vol.1 feat. Aleksi Ivanov
Location: Portugal sq., Tsar Ivan Asen II str.

Graffopost vol.2 feat. GLOW
Location: First English language high-school, back yard

Graffopost vol.3 feat. TASK
Location: 67 Khan Asparuh str.

Artists invited in 2018

Graffopost vol.4 feat. Faunagraphic
Location: 41. Primary school "Patriarh Evtimiy"

Graffopost vol.5 feat. TOCHKA SPOT
Location: Razvigor str. | across betahaus

Graffopost vol.6 feat. MOUSE
Location: exit of "Serdika" Metro station

Artists invited in 2021

         Graffopost vol.7 feat. Faunagraphic & JahOne

          Location: Vazkresenie Blvd., bl. 87, Sofia


In a collective exhibition in the fall of 2018, the six artists participating in the project in 2017 and 2018 presented additionally created canvases that complement their concept of urban space. The aim is to show the different approaches and multi-layered vision of the artists.

The project partners in 2017 are Orgachim AD and Aron Bulgaria.

Partners of the project in 2018 are Sofia Municipality, Orgachim AD, Aron Bulgaria, Photo Pavilion, Bulged, Sphere design, betahaus.

Photographers of the project: Mihaela Draganova, Desislava Angelova, Dragomir Taskov