Project GRAFFOPOST is a provocation for visual artists and muralists to show their vision of changing a public space through a conceptual art project that is fully synchronized with the urban environment itself.

With its 6 editions, GRAFFOPOST successfully turned 7 transformer stations into art objects and potential tourist spots. On the other hand, VISIONARY Foundation has contributed to the development of urban art in local areas and has helped 6 independent artists to realize their own performance with no specific theme chosen.

As additional result, the attention of the public upon modern mural art was increased and its traditional auditory was gradually enlarged.

In total: 520 sq.m. were covered with illustration and color.

Artists invited in 2017

Aleksi Ivanov
Location: Portugal sq., Tsar Ivan Asen II str.

Location: First English language high-school, back yard

Location: 67 Khan Asparuh str.

Artists invited in 2018

Location: 41. Primary school "Patriarh Evtimiy"

Location: Razvigor str. | across betahaus
Location: exit of "Serdika" Metro station