4 - 12 September 2017 | artistic intervention

September 12, 2017 | opening

Location: the yard of the First English High School, Sofia

Area: 120 sq.m.

Second art intervention

We chose the location of the second edition of the project to be in the school yard – the First English Language School, 60 Knyaz A. Dondukov Str. As our mission is to engage the community, it was important for us to reach out to the children and young people. Shortly before the start of the school year, September 4-12th, 2017, the artist GLOW transformed an area of a total of 120 sq. m., including surface next  to the transformer station, in order to fully synchronize its artistic vision with the surrounding environment.




The artwork shows the relationship between the delicate herbs and the aggressive urban environment. Although it may sometimes be a stumbling block, herbs always find their way to grow even through the small cracks in the asphalt.

The highlight is upon the free spirit and its realization - despite the obstacles on the way, we always find a way to cope and move on. Growth in the painting is expressed through the gradual emergence of the bloom of the herbs (in this case, sage – baring no specific symbol but rather is chosen as a species with very distinctive and subtle color palette - green, purple, pink).


Special thanks to the principals team for the trust and the support in the realization process.

Photos: Mihaela Draganova