This unusual electric station painted in Graffopost vol.11 was the home of а poor wanderer with 3 dogs. The past winter was harsh and the man died but the dogs stayed. Then the people in the neighbourhood continued taking care of them and this is how slowly they were united as a community by this purpose.

Recognizing the abandoned spot, Visionary`s team decided to bring color to the neighbourhood, which we are also part of, and contribute to the community care of the place and the doggies. The painting of Laeti got people's attention and revived the place as one to stop, talk and share. 


Period: 01-06.06.2024

Location: 20-ti april str., Sofia

Total area: 28 sq.m.


In her mural “Carnavalesque”, Laetitia Gardies depicts a variety of faces representing the diversity of people and emotions. Artist`s goal is by combining together happy and sad emotions to emphasize on the acceptance of each emotion like a counterpoint of the world being split in duality as it is taught by many religions.

Moreover, those faces and their shapes are directly related to traditional masks that could be found in many different cultures during celebrations on the street or paying tribute to dead people. In this specific case, the mural`s faces in a certain way pay tribute to the poor wanderer who died last winter. 

“Indeed, I feel that nowadays, people are mostly afraid of death and see it as something only related to sadness, but with my artwork I would like to highlight how we can keep something good from the past and celebrate it everyday - celebrate dead people or sad emotions who lots of people are hiding behind “masks”.” - shares Laetitia.

Gardies is strongly influenced by the spiritual processions in India and Sri Lanka where there are a lot of people with colorful costumes and masks, and under the rhythm of music they dance and share their gratitude and appreciation of how someone lived their life. So painting in public space faces similar to masks, with a lot of bright colors, it’s like bringing them to life and dancing like in carnaval. As when it comes to the strong outlines and the shapes of the faces, Gardies is finding her inspiration in the Avant-garde artistic period. Indeed, the approach in Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism which as art movements are, to a certain extent, influenced by African art and masks, are noticed to impact the shapes of her characters.