May 19 - 23, 2018 | artistic intervention

May 23, 2018 | conversation with the artist in betahaus sofia

Location: Lozenets district, Sofia

Area: 40 sq.m.

Fifth art intervention

We are happy to present to you the next awesome artist who will be part of the ladies trio participating in GRAFFOPOST 2018 - TOCHKA SPOT

Undoubtedly, she is an illustrator who bravely and convincingly builds her characters with adding this surrealistic touch so typical for her style. Being straight in her messages, she manages to raise pressing issues by hyperbolizing certain details of her characters.

Art concept:

"My work on the GRAFFOPOST project is related to my thoughts on harm and inadequate human intervention in the environment. The degeneration of species, their destruction and the transformation of their natural habitat in a landfill that is losing its normalcy and natural image is worrying. The characters and the ambiguity in the image are exaggerated to a slight comedy, because through irony the truth is assimilated better. "- shares the author.



Photos: Mihaela Draganova

Thanks to betahaus sofia for the support and hospitality during the implementation of the project!








Video and Montage: Konte Una
Video | Montage | Music: Drago Taskov a.k.a. Digital Soul