Period: 15-17 July 2022

Location: Geo Milev, Sofia

Area: 60 sq.m.


"What attracts me most in the graffiti is that there is no limit of techniques, surfaces, places. I love experimenting with different shapes and colors. The main focus of my work is the typography and the various elements inspired by the virtual reality. I'm developing myself in the field of graphic design and, naturally, it plays a major role in building up my style as a graffiti artist", says Rustwo.

The mural is created as part of the GRAFFOPOST :: NEIGHBOURHOODS project.


Photos: Michaela Draganova

The project is part of  the creative program of the Visionary Foundation. It is realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, the One Year Grant `21 program, and also with the support of 0511 Designs & #nbqspraypaint.