#Innovation for Life



September 2018 | artistic intervention

October 2018 | official opening and press conference

Location 01: Vasil Aprilov Blvd., Plovdiv

Location 02: 26 Angel Kanchev Str., Sofia

Mural size: 25 + 16  sq.m.

In September, VISIONARY participated in an information campaign on cancerous diseases of the blood by supporting the Bulgarian Lymphom Association, the Bulgarian Medical Association of Hematology, the Bulgarian Medical Society for Child Hematology and Oncology and the Association of Research Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bulgaria in their mission to reach more young people and focus their attention on blood cancer and diagnosis and advanced treatment options. 

Malignant diseases of the blood are over 140 types, and the main groups are three - leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Data shows that every 35 seconds in the world one patient is diagnosed with a malignant blood disease. The blood cancer is the fifth most prevalent oncology disease and is the most common form of malignant disease in children. Thanks to innovation, 5-year survival has improved significantly in recent years, and malignant blood disorders are no longer a death sentence.

What did we do to help spread the info?
We invited the contemporary mural artist JahOne to interpret the main vision of the information campaign developed for digital and to bring it out in the urban space. We chose two walls at communicative spots - one in Plovdiv and one in Sofia:

Thus, through the prism of modern art, we managed to attract the attention of a much wider audience in both cities. Then we brought back the focus in the Internet  through a strong video presence and photos. The result was engaging new audiences and presentation of  the blood cancer topic in more digestible way by the youngs.


Photos by: Mihaela Draganova // @mihaela_draga


Camera and edit: Stafo || Innovation for Life || Plovdiv mural
Camera and edit: Stafo || Innovation for Life || Sofia mural