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As a follow-up to the mural art open call for visual artists of the high-tech research and innovation project PROGENY in January, organized in collaboration with Visionary, the creative duo Video.SCKRE - Julia Heinisch (Video Oner) & Frederik Sontag (Sckre) - visited Sofia in the summer.

Period: 14-18.08.2023

Location: Primary Schоol 126 Petko Yu. Todorov, Bulgaria Blvd 43, Sofia

Total Area: 256 sq.m.


In just 5 days the art couple completed the mural "Interconnections", which propose to point the viewer`s attention - on the one hand, the multifaceted and complex problem of environmental pollution through e-waste, and on the other - our future, choosing innovative and green approaches to deal with the issue. 

The artists turned to the functional properties and look of the printed circuit board as a source of inspiration for their composition, unfolding their painting around it. The essence of the printed circuit board, simply put, is a basis for unfolding interconnections, conductivity and resistance. Similarly, the artists embodied it on a conceptual level, visually incorporating elements of flora and fauna, comparing the functions of the circuit board to the natural cycle and evolution.

In the painting, the artists recreate the metamorphosis of artificial graphic forms, familiar from electronics, to organic ones - various floral and animal species.  
An element of the mural is a rainbow-colored chip, resembling a soap film. This is a reference to PROGENY's innovative soap bubble-based technology, which can replace toxic and unsustainable elements in electronics and perform conductivity based on water as a pure natural element.

In the sense of a holistic and interconnected system, in the composition could be found diverse representatives of aquatic, terrestrial animals, and birds. 

The color scheme of the artwork unfolds in the green tones that are familiar from the color of a printed circuit board and at the same time connects with nature. The emerald green and golden-yellow hues complement the soap film and bubbles in a harmonious way, giving a soft frame. In addition, the green shades are naturally incorporated into the context of the building and surrounding landscape in the public realm.

The intention of the art project is to draw public attention in a positive way to the growing issue of the socio-economic and environmental impact of current electronics production and subsequent waste. 


Photos by Mihaela Draganova, Doug Gillen (Fifth Wall TV)

The mural painting is part of the PROGENY communication project, funded by the European Commission under grant agreement #899205. . The project is coordinated by TU Dresden and managed by Wasabi Innovations -



Video for PROGENY by Doug Gillen | Fifth wall TV