Land in land

Art action: April 28th, 2022

Starting point: In front of National Palace of Culture
Location: South Park II, near the Museum of contemporary art


“Land in Land” is an art performance in which the multidisciplinary artist Riccardo Matlakas will plant a Maple tree. The art action addresses the issue of political corruption in Bulgaria. Matlakas proposed the creation of the land “we want” in the existing land, where people would share and express their vision of this future land with no corruption.

This Maple tree will represent real democracy and the rooting of a new Bulgaria, a new Sofia, but also a new consciousness travelling from the pollen of this tree which is rooting his wisdom into our souls.

"Land in the Land" is part of the series of events "Riccardo Matlakas in Bulgaria" of the 2022 Visionary creative program, organized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund and in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia and Zalag Darise.

The sculptor Mihaela Kamenova worked with Matlakas on the fascinating metal structure.