Living wall

Living Wall is a project involving а mural in the public space and a multi-artists visual performance complementary to the art concept.

A point of attraction for Visionary team has become Hristo Smirnenski district, Plovdiv. Astonished by the poetry of Smirnenski, artists performing in different genres and medium such as contemporary mural art, calligraphy, 3D mapping, perfomance, and music, will fill the heart of the Plovdiv neighborhood with color, light and beauty, sharing a common canvas.

In our personal experience, we found neighborhoods as the places most recognized by the inhabitants of big cities, and there is why it is important that they bring comfort and warm emotions to them. Plovdiv is popular with the strong identification of neighborhoods. In 2019, Visionary team decided to bring the attention to this cherished by all people places and to create an art object open to the public at all times in the very heart of the neighborhood. With our work we hope to touch many of the residents there.


22nd – 25th of April, 2019 - mural painting

25th of April, 2019 openning performance

Location: Hristo Smirnenski district, Plovdiv
Mural size: 70 sq.m.



1st camera and edit: Konte Una
2nd camera: Rashko Rakov
Photographers: Mihaela Draganova, Ifka Pifka, Vanesa Popova, Georgi Prokopiev, Nikolay Gavazov.


The project is part of the program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture - 2019.
Partners of the project are Orgachim, Aron Bulgaria, Photo Pavilion, T-Market, Hebros bus.



Camera and edit: Konte Una
1st camera and edit: Konte Una | 2nd camera: Rashko Rakov
1st camera and edit: Konte Una | 2nd camera: Rashko Rakov