Murals in Alexandrovska Hospital


As a part of the awareness campaign in support of the organ donation, the contemporary artist JahOne painted the walls of the transplant ward of Alexandrovska Hospital in Sofia.

Period: August, 2020 

Location: 3th floor, Alexandrovska Hospital, Sofia

Mural size: 16 sq.m.

The purpose of the murals is to brighten and make the atmosphere more beautiful in the hospital ward.

Artistic images unfold the concept of freedom through the flight of the birds.
Birds have a powerful energy that helps a person rise above the worst circumstances of life. Figures and images of birds carry the energy of prosperity, life and success. Birds are often associated with a desire for health and longevity. This symbolism is very suitable for the space of the transplant ward of Alexandrovska Hospital. The selected birds are painted in flight, in different positions, so as to present their beautiful feathering and to inspire dreams and life of the patients of the ward. The paintings are illustrated in a pink-orange background of dissolving clouds. These nuances are associated with the sky of dawn, the moment of awakening and the beginning of the day.

Project has been organized in partnership with Astelas Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Society of Nephrology (BDN)

Photographer: Mihaela Draganova