The street art crew Hype All Night completely transformed the look of metal panels with a total area of ​​220 sq.m in the city center of Rousse. They chose to include flowers from the Red Book of Bulgaria in their project to remind the people of Rousse of the beauty of the nature and the importance of looking after it with care. 

Period: August 2019
Location: Skobelev Blvd., Ruse
Mural size: 220 sq.m.


The abstract forms in the background refer to the nature and its fluid structure. The distinctive style, combining two artistic forms - realism and abstraction, allows the elements in the composition to contrast and complement one another. This quite naturally conveys the message of the Organic color, that project is named after, for harmony and unity. The modern visual language used by Hype All Night harmoniously embraces all elements of the composition.


Photos: Rust Two

The mural project was organized in cooperation with the Municipality of Rousse and in partnership with Orgachim.



camera and edit: Rust Two