The visual artists ACIDUM Project from Brazil are visiting Sofia at the invitation of the Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Sofia.


Period: 1-7.07.2023

Location: 68 Gen. Gurko str., Sofia

Total area: 124 sq.m.


The mural, part of the PROPHETICOS art series, weaves the variety of colour, light and warmth of Brazilian culture. At the same time, the artists, looking for inspiration in local folklore and graphic codes specifically for their project in Bulgaria, incorporate selected motifs from Bulgarian embroidery. The work depicts a figure that carries the mystery of nature, the flame that lights the way to wisdom and the look beyond the conventional. The artists' intention is to use the work to invite each viewer to discover new meanings, creates dialogues and stories based on individual experience, and to raise important existential questions, guiding them to recognize the universality of the human soul. 

ACIDUM started its artistic professional activity in 2006, as collaborations between different Brazilian visual artists and Robezio Marqs, the founder of the project. Today, behind this name are Robezio Marqs and Terezadequinta, who use colours in a multifaceted palette to express their ideas, building a signature style. About their artistic journey, they say that their work relates to both busy places and grey urban environments through the intention of creating micro-universes based on the trinity of work - space - viewer. Their creative repertoire to date has included enigmatic creatures, characters from urban and folklore legends and improvisations in the course of the work itself. 

In addition to the mural, ACIDUM is also involved in a series of creative initiatives, organized with the help and coordination of Visionary team.




Photos by Mihaela Draganova, Fabrizio Gonzaga
Drone: Sofia Municipality

Partners of the project are Orgachim AD and Stroyrent Ltd.
Special thanks to the residents of the apartment building on ul. Gen. Gurko 68, Sofia Municipality, Sofia Municipal Council, Mr. Georgi Georgiev.