Values of Ocean


In the autumn of 2023, the Ocean Investments (OI) team contacted Visionary to transform their head office space into a gallery. 
For us as a team and organization, a driving force in our work is the promotion of street culture and artists, thus, it was a great pleasure for us to bring that spirit in the central office of OI, and break the stereotype of the white office space.

So we proposed a concept that interweaves OI's corporate values with the inspiration that urban culture brings to us. In this journey we invited 4 talented mural artists Neli, Jermain, Sve Yankov, and Jahone - each of them giving live to a different value among the FREEDOM, HEALTH, JUSTICE, GUILD, AND HAPPINESS, and interpreting it through their unique style and ideas. Each value was depicted in the color chosen by the company to represent the value, and the Ocean Investments logo is the place holder of each painting.


Realization: December 15-17th, 2023

Location: central office of Ocean Investments, Sofia


This project is special for us as the creative process main topic was the interpretation of 5 universal human values which we believe in and are as well the core corporate values of OI. From bold strokes representing Freedom to calm shades representing Happiness, every stroke of the brush recreates the company's history and commitment to creating a workplace where success is not just a destination, but a fulfilling journey.