September 10 - 14, 2018 | artistic intervention

September 14, 2018 | conversation with the artist in the Cush bar

Location: near the Cathedral of St. Joseph, at the exit of Serdika metro station, Sofia

Area: 40 sq.m.

Sixth artistic intervention

The sixth edition of the project continues the saga with the ladies participation in the project and invites again one of the top names in Bulgaria! The project took place between September 10th – 14th, and brought the attention upon a very central location in the capital - behind the statue "St. Sofia ", close to the cathedral "St. Joseph", at the exit of the Serdika metro station. Pretty sure you haven’t noticed it …until now!


Artistic concept

The author includes as one of the main figures in her art project an image referring to the strong and noble women. Located close to the St. Sofia statue, the mural inevitably bring a bit of inspiration from the grandiose figure of the statue - symbol of the capital, but recreated in a very fine and magical manner.
Details of the mural show the artist's precision in image composition and creation. Bright colorful strokes complement and emphasize the graphic figures - a new approach that characterizes the author`s style.


Special thanks to culinary shop "Caramel" and NA TAMNO shop for the support in this edition.

Photos: Mihaela Draganova



Camera and edit: Rustwo