How travel and nature inspire street art - Video.Sckre`s journey

VIDEO and SCKRE (Julia Heinisch & Frederic Sontag) are an artist duo who forms a powerful and inspiring partnership. They boldly turn the public space into their art playground and use it as an experimental field.

Visionary`s team had the pleasure of working with Video.Sckre in the summer of 2023 and hosted them in Bulgaria. Together we managed to create one of the signature murals in Sofia now, facing Bulgaria Blvd. - “Interconnections”, part of the communication and dissemination of the high-tech and research project PROGENY funded by the EU. 

Lucky to have them here, while working on a parallel project - the SEASONS mural project, on a topic quite related to their style and the messages they generally incorporate into their artworks, Visionary naturally invited them to take part in it as well. Thus, hungry to paint and travel, Video.Sckre arrived in Sofia in August, and 5 weeks later and hundreds of km behind their backs, they left a powerful impact on the street art landscape in Bulgaria and more than 30 art pieces created all around their pathway.

As the artist duo shares, they get their inspiration mainly from nature, their travels, observations, and experiences. Check out more about them in the interview HERE.


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Photo: Doug Gillen
Project: Interconnections for PROGENY

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