Visionary 05

VISIONARY 5 years old!

On November 29 after 18:30 we are looking forward to welcoming you to our friends` place - The Steps to celebrate together 5 years and 5 months since the founding of Visionary.

For us, Visionary is a space for the unfolding of valuable ideas, meaningful topics, and the creation of art with open access. We're excited to be sharing and creating it together with artists and visionaries of different genres from Bulgaria and Europe, and hopefully soon from other corners of this world.

On November 29, we will present several NEW and SPECIALLY printed for occasion materials:

- the catalogue “Riccardo Matlakas in Bulgaria”, dedicated to the Italian multidisciplinary artist and his work in Bulgaria in April this year,

- a limited series of hand-pulled silk prints with the illustration by Gijs Vanhee from the Parked Life mural realized in Sofia in July,

- a specially created series of stickers for Visionary's 5th anniversary featuring 10 artists we have worked with over the years.


Bring your smiles and a good mood! LINK to the facebook event.


Photo in the cover: Mihaela Draganova, Radina Gancheva, Sito studio, NoPoint Atelier




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