Nature - a solo exhibition by Aleksi Ivanov

presents a solo exhibition of digital prints, illustration and murals as part of Step Forward - an initiative to support independent artists.



November 16th - live painting 

November 19th - December 3rd - exhibition of digital prints and illustration on display


This summer, participating in the open call for artists Step Forward, Aleksi Ivanov grabbed the attention of the international jury consisting of top artists in the mural art scene Arsek x Erase (BG), Hombre (DE), Jimmy Paintz (USA) and representatives of Visionary, Single Step and Spark & ​​Riot with its distinctive style and interesting artistic proposals. The winner of the competition is Lucid Eve with her creative mural proposal for The Steps wall. However, the teams of Single Step and Visionary decided outside the competition to offer Aleksi the opportunity to develop and implement their own project.

In the topic #freedomtobeyourself, which aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of free expression and focus on the LGTBI community and the social enterprise The Steps, the author develops the idea that life is not black and white and has a place for everyone under the sun. The focus is mainly on jungle animals, because they are visually colorful and bright, and although we do not see them in their natural environment, this does not mean that they do not exist or are not important for biodiversity. Life is colorful, beautiful, interesting, exciting and our curiosity expands our worldview, not limits and encapsulates it. The author relies on hyperbole and variability in the colors of stylized animals, showing their beauty and their identity.


Aleksi Ivanov (1988) - artist in the field of street art, develops objects in urban environments, contemporary murals and illustrations. He began his conscious journey into the world of graffiti back in 2003. He later realized that this was not the exact direction of development he wanted to seek and explore. From this period his attitude to change and ennoblement of the urban environment and its elements was born and remains. His style to date is illustrative, as it was more naive before, and this taste remains today. He is strongly influenced by the work, scope and attitude of a number of European, Balkan, Russian and South American street and graffiti artists who have inspired him over time. 


"I strive to develop my own visual style with which to express myself. I do not sign my works on the street because I aim for recognition and I do not rely on the signature, but on the specific style I have. My approach to my works in urban environments and contemporary murals is structurally related to the specifics of the environment and context, the architectural environment of the building, the wall or the site. I usually try to work with. ”

This project is funded by Spark & ​​Riot and initiated by Single Step in partnership with Visionary.
The project partner is the manufacturer of high quality paints and materials Dekorator / Megachim.

Photographer and cinematographer: Boris Urumov





Video by Boris Urumov