Aleksi Ivanov

A street artist and muralist born in Varna, Bulgaria. Co-founder and member of FAMOU collective. Works in the field of visual arts.

„The artworks of Aleksi Ivanov include paintings of street electricity boxes and other objects in urban environment, interior and exterior murals of buildings, creating of 3D objects and canvases. He also prints some of them on posters and postcards.

The artist begins his conscious experience in the field of graffiti in 2003, starting with tags and stickers. During the years he develops his style and works on the concept of using urban shapes and objects in his works. The paintings and objects he makes are in the context of the environment where he paints. He is specially looking for extra/ordinary objects and claims that every city has something genuine to offer in its urban environment. Good example is the shape of some of the electricity boxes in Varna that he paints and which you cannot see in other Bulgarian towns.

Aleksi’s main target group is the children and according to his opinion they are the ones that grow in the environment that surrounds them and take everything around as something normal. That’s why his mission is to bring them access to murals and painted urban objects so that can provoke their imagination and ways of expression. He also thinks that even the youngest childrens sense of aestethics shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Diana Kostelyanchik-Zhekova


Photo: Boris Urumov, part of Step Forward project

Step Forward | Video by Boris Urumov
Street art for Home | Camera and edit: Iliyana Peryanova
Graffopost vol.1 timelapse