July 10 - 14, 2017 | artistic intervention

July 14, 2017 | opening

Location: Garden Portugal, Tsar Ivan Asen II Street, Sofia

Area: 105 sq. m.

The first art intervention

Quite naturally, for the opening edition of the project we decided to go to Aleksi Ivanov as one of the first artists to draw on transformer stations and electrical boards in Varna. At GLOW's suggestion, we invited Aleksi and in July 10 - 14, 2017, he painted two transformer stations in the Portugal sq. on Tsar Ivan Asen II Str.   

Artistic concept

"The mural depicts an urban children's playground, which has been conquered by abandoned cars, so coalesced with the children's daily lives that they have been used by them for climbing. Images show children and young people who share space on the site and grow up together. There is a lot of vegetation, which has begun to cover the place. The silhouettes of children's climbing equipment, constructed and made in Bulgaria by Bulgarian artists and engineers from and during socialism, are spotted in some places as well. Such climbing equipment can be seen at the neighboring playground, to which a direct reference is thus made. At the Portugal square, life is boiling on many levels. Its inhabitants cannot be quite exhausted only with human presence, so there are many pigeons in the composition that can also be noticed

I believe that in graffiti culture respect is extremely important, here is why I show my attitude to those who have already painted on the wall by inserting their existing graffiti in my own way in the image." - shares the author.


Photos: Drago Taskov, Dessi Angelova