Period: 23th-25th April 2023

Location: playground in the inter-block space on ul. Yordan Yovkov, Strelbishte, Sofia

Area: 24 sq.m.


JahOne's artwork conveys both the urge for freedom through the image bird and the connection to Bulgarian roots, traditions and customs through the image of the young girl. The bird represents a Great Tit or Parus Major, a symbol of the city of Sofia, a message about our relationship to Nature.

“My idea was to inspire children who visit the playground and promote the beauty and the aesthetics of Bulgarian folklore I hope my message will resonate with parents as well and that families will be able to tell their children more about these traditions and roots.” shares the artist.

The mural is part of the GRAFFOPOST :: NEIGHBOURHOODS project. It contributes to the development of art in the urban environment at the local level and thus expands the traditional audience of contemporary mural art. Project Graffopost :: Neighbourhoods 2023 is organized in partnership with Sofia Regional Municipality Triaditza and is part of the creative program of the Visionary Foundation 2023.

Photos: Mihaela Draganova