Period: 24-26.09.2021 

Location: bul. "Patriarh Evtimiy" 60, Sofia

Mural size: 30 sq.m.

"Unsilenced" is a project aimed at the collective creation of contemporary murals, through which to send publicly important for the deaf community personal and collective messages. The mural is inspired by stories shared during three workshops with the Bulgarian deaf community. The illustration portrays TOGETHER (ЗАЕДНО) in Bulgarian sign language.

The mural has been created by Albena Limoni and Kostadin Kokalanov in September 2021.


"Unsilenced" is a project of the Meeting Points Foundation, in partnership with "Listen", "I CAN", "Visionary". The visual identity of the project and the mural will be the work of Kostadin Kokalyanov and Albena Limoni.

The project is implemented with the support of the National Fund "Culture", program "Socially engaged arts".


Photos: Mihaela Draganova




Camera and edit: Biser Jonev