Artist for more than 10 years with a graphic design background, specializes in painting murals, illustration, screen printing and drawing. Her artwork is influenced by nature and the issues we face with the environment and the pressures of different ecological problems, but not only.

Very typical for Fauna's art is the illustration of birds and folklore motives. By including many elements which introduce deeper meaning into her paintings, she always gives a sense of spiritual touch and to help people feel that connection with Nature.

Faunagraphic currently lives in Bulgaria with her family but she travels a lot to many places to paint walls, to take part in conversation projects that involve art and the community, and take on many commissioned projects for clients such as Converse, BBC, ITV, Desperados beer, Johnny Walker whiskey, Microsoft, and many more international brands.




Habitat project | Camera and edit: Staffo
Graffopost vol.4 | Camera and edit: Konte Una
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