Six artists.

Six interventions in the urban space.

520 sq.m. illustrated 

One exhibition.

As a certain continuation of their creations in the urban space, the six artists in the GRAFFOPOST project created studio works for a mutual :: Exhibition :: in betahaus | sofia (October 24 - November 23, 2018).
In their artwork, the six artists chose different materials and approaches.
TASK for the first time showed a series of small paintings created on a wooden material with monochrome colors. The presence of gold stands out as an accent and makes a direct connection with its latest murals.
Aleksi Ivanov created a two-piece canvas (100 x 120 cm each) - acrylic and mixed technique. Interpretting the topic of street art in his painting, Aleksi invited friends and colleagues to tags themselves on the canvas. This definitely increased the value of the artworks by presenting a spontaneous artistic performance during the opening show.
TO4KA SPOT won the audience with typically playful illustration named "Theft", which continues the theme of the human interference in Nature, firstly developed in her participation in the project on the walls of the transformer station, right across betahaus. A small part of the spirit of the 80 x 90 cm acrylic canvas was displayed on the beer label, showing the flexibility of the creative idea and the opportunity to implement it on different media.
GLOW , in a similar size of the canvas, painted the key fragments associated with his composition in the courtyard of First English High School. Created with acrylic, and of course with the favorite spray, the painting amazed with its colorful frame in overflowing shades, highlighting the author's distinctive style.
Faunagraphic, as an absolute professional of the spray as a technique, participated in the exhibition with a canvas made entirely of spray cans and totally confirmed the turiquise hues as the highly preferred color range by most artists in this project.
MOUSE surprised with her choice of media, betting on the screen printing. The surprise went both ways, as MOUSE herself met for the first time with the printing technique and definitely fell in love with it. Thanks to Sito Studio she hand printed a limited edition of 30 posters in 3 colors. The image "More than pleasant" combines the most distinctive elements of the author artwork and is a must-have collectible art with the uniqueness of each of the works hand-signed by her.
At the opening, in the presense of the artists was presented a special series of artistic labels of Ah! craft beers, complementing the artworks of the project GRAPHFOPOST in the public space, as well as exhibition canvases. 


Partners of the Exhibition are: Sofia Municipality Culture Fund and Sphere design. 

Photos: Mihaela Draganova



Camera and edit: Rustwo
Camera and edit: Mihaela Draganova