The project „Habitat“ aims to focus public attention on the impact of man on the environment and animal species. Through urban artistic intervention, we would like to promote unusual locations chosen for permanent living by endangered bird species.


Period of art intervention: March 25 - 31st 2019

Location: 71 Andrey Lyapchev blvd, Sofia

Mural size: 50 sq.m.

Birds are one of the groups most affected by rapid climate warming, with twice as stronger effects than mammals. A drop of up to 90% is recorded in the most common species, such as the gray partridge, the sparrow, the marsh, and the Polish lark. Bulgaria is one of the countries with the largest bird diversity in Europe - 70% of all species can be seen in Bulgaria.

During a consultation of Sofiyska Voda with the Faculty of Biology, the University of Sofia on the biodiversity of the sites of the water company, a number of specimens were found finding the favorable environment for the creation of permanent places for living in them.

Part ​​of its corporate values, Sofiyska Voda, part of Veolia, takes responsibility for combating climate change and protecting the environment. This inspires the company to turn to Visionary with the idea of ​​helping them share the topic in the public space and stress on the importance of small gestures to Nature that we can make every day.

The date we have chosen to present the completion of the art project is April 1st - the International day of birds, which few know. Day and theme, on which Sofiyska Voda, as a part of Veolia, operates daily, showing concern about the preservation and conservation of Nature and its resources. Thus, the idea of conducting an information campaign to attract the attention of citizens. By changing the gray urban environment through the power of art, we will embed the message and the voice of Nature upon one of our hydrophore stations. This way we are stating our responsibility and concern of these fragile creatures and the threatening climate change.

Photos: Mihaela Draganova

The project is supported by Orgachim.

camera and edit: Stafo