Graffiti artist and muralist based in Sofia. Has more than 10 years of experience in visual art and art interventions in city public spaces.

"With an open mind and different colors we roam the world on the wings of our own imagination."

The artwork of GLOW is deeply rooted in street culture and its free spirit. With a fresh color palette, playful typography and intuitive forms and movements, his artworks pop out from the standard format and definition of graffiti. His style is futuristic and progressive with a constantly changing character - better than yesterday, but even better tomorrow. He draws a great deal of inspiration from the locations and the surrounding environment where he paints.

"My wall painting preparation goes in a search of the perfect spot rather than in sketches and excisions. I often do not create a particular visual project or a sketch, but I leave the spot to provoke me, either with color, shapes or its atmosphere as a whole."

Along with its graffiti style GLOW develops a second layer of creativity that is object oriented and designed for large-scale murals and more socially oriented projects. The main theme is Nature and its riches, which are in direct connection with the city or the public space where they are being painted. Often, the designs carry their symbolic meaning, which the author leaves open to interpretation by the viewer. In these projects, the artist uses mixed technics of paint and so favorite aerosol spray.

"My passion for painting began with the graffiti, but over time it developed and came out of this frame. I like to explore the natural forms and objects that 'live' around us in the urban space, but we rarely pay attention to them.”

Building up a very specific style GLOW combines abstract graphical shapes, inspired from his graffiti background, and the natural objects that he sees at the moment on the spot where the next project is born.  In the second edition of GRAFFOPOST, GLOW created for the first time drawings that are a synthesis of graffiti and fine art.



Street art for Home | Camera and edit: Iliyana Peryanova