In 2023, Visionary brought together artists from 6 countries - Austria, England, Brazil, Bulgaria, Spain, Colombia - who pointed the public attention to climate change and its serious socio-economic effects through large-scale mural project SEASONS.


Period: 15-25.08.2023 г.

Location: pedestrian underpass, Bulgaria blvd x T. Kableshkov blvd, Sofia

Total Area: 440 sq.m


SEASONS mural project aims to create a dialogue about environmental protection with a focus on the consequences of human activity - climate change and the loss of the 4 seasons typical for Bulgaria.

For more than 15 years we have been feeling the gradual loss of the seasons, and the increasingly serious consequences such as floods, fires, prolonged heat waves and devastating storms that are a fact in countries from the temperate climate zone, including Bulgaria. 

But these changes could be reversed! Believing that building an ecologically sustainable future depends on public awareness and engagement with the seriousness of the problem, we invited artists from different parts of the world to interpret the topic "SEASONS" through their murals as a transmitter of ideas and messages. Thus, through the universal language of art on a large scale, they came together and supported the cause of raising awareness about the loss of the 4 seasons and drawing attention to caring for nature - our home.

 Artists have repainted over 400 square meters of the underpass space into an open gallery of contemporary mural art.


General sponsor Investbank.

With the support of Sofia Municipality - Cultural program, Regional Municipality of Triaditza district & Regional Municipality of Vitosha district, Sofia - European capital of Sports.

In partnership with Orgachim x Skapto & #nbqspraypaint


Illustration Santa Gross

Photo: Mihaela Draganova

Video by Bagarov / OutFrame Media