This summer Visionary brings together artists from 6 countries - Austria, England, Brazil, Bulgaria, Spain, Colombia - who will draw public attention to climate change and its serious socio-economic effects through large-scale mural project SEASONS.


Period: 15-25.08.2023 г.

Location: pedestrian underpass, Bulgaria blvd x T. Kableshkov blvd, Sofia

Total Area: 440 sq.m


The project draws public attention to environmental protection with a focus on the effects of human activity - climate change and the loss of Bulgaria's characteristic four seasons. On August 25, the underpass of the Blvd. Bulgaria and bul. T. Kableshkov will be illuminated by the colours of the four seasons to attract the attention of visitors and residents of the capital on the increasingly tangible climate problem.  Artists have repainted over 400 square meters of the underpass space into an open gallery of contemporary mural art.



General sponsor Investbank.

With the support of Sofia Municipality - Cultural program, Regional Municipality of Triaditza district & Regional Municipality of Vitosha district.

In partnership with Orgachim x Skapto & #nbqspraypaint


Illustration Santa Gross

Photo: Mihaela Draganova